Translation and Interpretation Services | Philadelphia Academy
  • translations into all European and other languages
    English, Arabic, Chinese, French, Croatian, Italian, Japanese, Latin,  Maltese, German, Dutch, Polish, Portuguese, Russian, Greek, Slovak, Serbian, Spanish, Ukrainian.
  • translations from various lines of work
  • certified translations
  • proofreading of texts in foreign languages by native speakers
  • proofreading of Czech texts
  • express translations
  • Regardless of the content of the translation we distinguish five price ranges:
  • common European languages (e.g. German, English, etc.)
  • so-called peripheral European languages (e.g. the Balkans, Scandinavian, etc.)
  • non-European languages (e.g. Arabic, Turkish, etc.)
  • direct translation from one foreign language into another foreign language
  • express translations
  • Charged units:
  • a standard page: 1800 characters

The standard page is the basic and minimum-chargeable unit – it is the standard unit for calculating the rates for translation in the Czech Republic.

With regular clients and in case of large translation projects, preferential prices can be agreed.

  • certificate interpreters
  • price depending on the duration and place of the interpreting and by its content
  • upon request, we will process an individual calculation